Dixieland Flea Market Place

Oakland County's oldest and largest flea market. Over 250 independent merchants inside and out, offering unique items, antiques and collectibles, jewelry, music and musical instruments of all kinds, and more.


Spring is in the air and over 100+ vendors are setting up now at Oakland County’s oldest and largest outdoor flea market. Plus, we have over 100+ vendors inside!

If you can’t find it here, you’ll never find it anywhere, especially at our prices for new and used.

Want to be a vendor? Anyone can set up for $25/day! Why host your own garage sale, when we bring  thousands of customers to you?!?

When your ready to make some $$$, please call Joe @ 248-872-6775. You’ll probably want to reserve for the entire season!

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For those of you who are interested in renting space within Dixieland’s interior, each space size varies. Our inside is air conditioned and heated year round. Each space rental cost varies by size and location.

Please contact us during business hours to tour available locations and receive additional rental information.


Additionally, Dixieland offers over 120+ outside vendor spaces OPEN YEAR ROUND. Spaces rent for $25.00/day or $60.00 per weekend per space. Management assigns each space. Vendors are NOT permitted to set up in a space without prior management approval, as many spaces are reserved. Don’t worry though, if interested in reserving a space, there are many spaces still available. Please call Joe for more info.

For those interested in setting up for a weekend, vendors can receive their space rental assignment after noon on Fridays.  If interested in only setting up for Saturday or Sunday only, vendors can receive space assignments at 7:30AM either day. Rental fee is expected at time of space assignments.



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